Monday, February 9, 2009

The Countdown has started.........

The Countdown has started to close the Old City of Corfu. From the statue of Kapodistrias opposite the Ionian Academy till the Court of Corfu at the old port will be closed for the non-inhabitants. The cars that will be permitted will have special signs on the car glass and they will have to park to specific spots, marked with their plate numbers. Taxis and the tourist "train" will be able to operate as usual.

However, the whole plan has lost its dynamic characteristics since no uniformity and agreement in the action plan is obvious and especially in a level that will convince the citizens for its necessity. Luckilly the Technical Chamber, is constantly trying to persuade the local authorities of the enormous importance of the Unesco Action Plan for the economic development and sustainability of the Old Town of Corfu.

Croatia, Mavrovounio, which are our closest neighbouring competitors have already speedn up all efforts and according to their 10-year Strategic plan, they will be the two tourist hotspots of Adriatic area. What place in the competitive tourist arena is Corfu planning to achieve? Have we decided that or still we are still trying to think how to start discussing????

Time is clicking..... and Corfu is lacking behind. If you think otherwise please make your argument known by commenting this post.