Sunday, November 25, 2007

Check out a workshop back in 2006!!

Regional heritage tourism project gets underway

Approximately 40 people from a seven-county region (Hocking, Perry, Morgan, Washington, Meigs, Vinton and Athens) who are involved and interested in heritage tourism, met for a 2-day Share Your Heritage workshop at Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville April 26 and 27, 2006.

The group's working session --creating a regional inventory and map of roads, interpretive tools, and current and needed attractions and visitor services-- will continue in August during a second workshop.

Workshop leaders:
Carolyn Brackett, Senior Program Associate for the Heritage Tourism Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Amy Jordan Webb, Director of the Heritage Tourism Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


Share Your Heritage
Workshop Goals

The National Trust for Historic Preservation's Heritage Tourism Program, working with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Appalachian Regional Commission, has set specific goals for Share Your Heritage workshops:

1. Develop a better understanding of cultural heritage tourism.
2. Provide cross discipline training.
3. Encourage innovative solutions through breakout group planning sessions.
4. Provide networking and partnership building opportunities.
5. Foster stronger leadership and a team approach.
6. Provide cultural heritage tourism development tools to stakeholders.

Goals for this project

Goals set by the Rural Action Ohio Planning Committee for this Share Your Heritage project (including workshop and follow-up activities) are:
1. Develop strategies for interpretation of the area's culture and heritage in order to link sites and stories and enhance the visitor experience
2. Develop strategies for further developing the area's cultural heritage resources.
3. Use the workshop as a networking opportunity to build a stronger, more organized cultural presence in the region's tourism offerings.
4. Develop plans that will increase tourism and boost the local economy.
5. Educate elected officials in townships, towns and counties about the benefits of cultural heritage tourism.
6. Raise awareness and appreciation of the wealth of cultural and heritage resources in the region.

Five Principles of Successful and Sustainable Cultural Heritage Tourism

As part of an intensive three-year initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and American Express, the National Trust for Historic Preservation developed five guiding principles for successful and sustainable cultural heritage tourism programs.

Principle One: Collaborate
By its very nature, cultural heritage tourism requires effective partnerships. Much more can be accomplished by working together than by working alone.

Principle Two:
Find the Fit Between the Community and Tourism
Cultural heritage tourism should make a community a better place to live as well as a better place to visit. Respect carrying capacity so everyone benefits.

Principle Three: Make Sites and Programs Come Alive
Look for ways to make visitor experiences exciting, engaging and interactive.

Principle Four:
Focus on Quality and Authenticity
Today's cultural heritage traveler is more sophisticated and will expect a high level of quality and an authentic experience.

Principle Five:
Preserve and Protect Resources
Many of your community's cultural, historic and natural resources are irreplaceable. Take good care of them, if they are lost you can never get them back

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