Saturday, June 26, 2010


(Few yards from Liston,Corfu, 06/06/2010, 11:20)

- Hi there!
- Hello..

- Do you know where can I find the department that is responsible for protecting the old city of Corfu, since now that you are in Unesco.
- What is this again? Can you rephrase?

- I am terribly sorry for making you unconfortable. I live in Canada and just came with my wife for holidays. The only reason that I came in Corfu instead of Kefalonia is that Corfu town is in the UNESCO World Heritage Monument list. But I have asked about 10 people and all of them told me its just a fake title. Nothing has been done or will ever going to take place to prove that you WANT to be in. I really do not understand. Please help me.
- Listen mr Clever guy. I dont know how you people in Canada operate as a society but here let me clarify to you that we dont give a s...t about all these committees, speeches, titles and I dont know what else. We care about you coming here, giving us your money and leave us quickly as you can in order the next tourist pair to come in. If this UNESCO thing will increase the money that gets in our pocket so be it.

- I am sorry sir but I dont think your style of thought is respectable and I am afraid that if tourists realise that noone will come here ever again.
- If this happen then we will change and be a little like you but for a little period of time.

- Oh my God you are pathetic. You need a lot of help to get over these attitude.
- We have ourselves and God.

- God? what do you mean?
- I mean everything by that. We are left in His Mercy and in Luck. Do you know Pame Stoixima?

- Xima? No I dont know.
- Xima nai Xima eimaste re.... a re ksene kai esy mas douleueis... ti na sou protopw gia na katalaveis...

- What? I do not understand Greek
- Nothing. I say that you are the best tourist I have ever met. I like you as a person and I consider you very clever. And let me tell you that is our pride to have you as a visitor in Corfu because you are so interested in our famous heritage. Because of all that, come now with me with your wife to show you the KOUKOUNARA and explain to you all the secret stories....

Both tourists started smiling and the felt so happy and comfortable by the kind words and the guide of that Corfiot. For a strange reason their smile never left their face although they have gone back in Canada now.
Corfu has a lot of history that is so connected with its people, who are kind and know by heart what filoxenia means.

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