Monday, July 30, 2007


Rebranding a City by INTERBRAND

Business Issue Interbrand was selected to re-define the City of Johannesburg as a brand in late 2001. This was the result of a recognition by the Mayoral committee that protecting and enhancing the City’s brand status will play a major role in its future among its citizens and the world at large.
Brand Response An extensive brand audit was conducted to determine how the City presented itself and to better understand the perceptions of both citizen and visitor.
The strategic work paved the way for a naming and creative brief. All avenues and possibilities were explored for the name, including abstract and African names, and consideration was given to leaving it completely unchanged.
The new wordmark hopes to convey the creativity determination, dynamism and zest of the city. The City’s heritage in gold is seen in the golden dot below the exclamation mark.
Business ResultThe official name of the City remains “The City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality,” while the new Joburg identity will become its consistent public face. The new identity rolled out to great celebration throughout Joburg in an effort to attract attention from both locals and visitors.

- Corporate Design
- Integrated Marketing
- Internal Brand Alignment
- Naming & Verbal Identity

- Government
- Non-Profit & Organizations

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