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Meet the Australia Heritage Network

This portal is excellent and it proves the large scale investment after UK and Canada that Australia is putting in.
Beside other interesting key features here are the key resources that you can explore:

Asia-Pacific Focal Point
The Asia-Pacific Focal Point is a regional network for World Heritage Managers, established to share experience, knowledge and resources between countries in the region.

Ask First: a guide to respecting Indigenous heritage places and values
A guide for consultation with Indigenous communities to avoid unintended damage to places as a result of planning and development decisions.

Australian Dinosaur Story
Information about Australian dinosaurs and the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument (Lark Quarry dinosaur trackways).

Australian Heritage Bibliography
A bibliographic database about significant places in our natural and cultural environment.

Australian Heritage Places Inventory
Summary information about places listed in State, Territory and Commonwealth Heritage Registers.

Australian heritage agencies publication lists
Australian Heritage Commission
Heritage Council of WA
Heritage South Australia
Heritage Victoria
NSW Heritage Council

This list contains details and links for many key heritage publications.

Australian Heritage Photo Library
Online photographs of heritage places throughout Australia based on the Register of the National Estate. Compiled by the Australian Heritage Commission.

Australian Natural Heritage Charter
Standards and principles for the conservation of places of natural heritage significance.

Australia's Natural Lands and Rivers
Information from the Australia's Rivers and Catchment Condition Database (formerly Wild Rivers) and the Australian Land Disturbance Database (formerly the National Wilderness Inventory).

The Burra Charter
The Burra Charter sets a standard of practice for those who provide advice, make decisions about, or undertake works to places of cultural significance.

Heritage Advisory Services Handbook
Guidelines for Government, Advisers and the Community, August 2000.

Making Heritage Happen: Incentives and Policy Tools for Conserving Our Historic Heritage
This report outlines the heritage incentives currently offered in Australia and overseas, compares them with incentives for nature conservation; examines their effectiveness or otherwise and draws conclusions about potential reforms that should be considered to support Australia's historic heritage.

Our house: histories of Australian homes
This online publication reveals and celebrates the heritage of the small Australian house. More than forty of Australia's leading historians have contributed to this edited collection of articles.

Protecting Heritage Places kit
Step by step guide to protect the natural and cultural heritage significance of places.

An award winning publication
How to use this Website
Are you involved in community action?
Are you seeking funding?
Are you helping or teaching others?
Do you work for government?
Are you in local government?
Are you involved in tourism and heritage places?
What is heritage conservation?
Principles for heritage conservation
Australia's natural heritage charter
Australia's cultural heritage charter

Step 1 What is your heritage place?
Have a go - step 1

Step 2 Who has an interest in your heritage place?
How do you find out who is interested?
Who can you identify?
Types of individuals and organisations who might be interested
Tips for identifying interests
Example of different interests working together- Bunbury Big Swamp, WA
Have a go - step 2

Step 3 What do you need to know?
Where is the boundary?
What information is available?
Heritage registers
Finding out more about heritage
How do you do documentary research?
How do you do a field study?
How do you collect community knowledge?
What is a thematic study?
Australian Historic Themes Framework
Migrant heritage places
Studies of Indigenous heritage places
What additional information is required?
What goes into a heritage study?
Using your heritage study
Have a go - step 3

Step 4 Why is this place important?
Examples of heritage values
Who should be involved in assessing heritage significance?
Assessing the significance of a place
Using criteria for assessing significance
Compare this place with others
What is a statement of significance?
Tips for writing a statement of significance
Expressing and communicating significance in other ways
How have others prepared statements of significance?
Dawn Fraser Swimming Pool, Balmain
Eureka Rebellion Precinct, Ballarat, Victoria.
Vinja Camp Myth Site
Kulpitjata, Northern Territory
Boonarga Cactoblastis Memorial Hall, Queensland
Mulgoa Nature Reserve, New South Wales
Holsworthy Area, Sydney Basin
Have a go - step 4

Step 5 What are the issues?
Issues to consider
What is the condition of the place?
What are the current and future trends affecting the place?
Consulting about issues
Doing a SWOT analysis
Identifying priority issues
Have a go - step 5

Step 6 What do you want to achieve?
What other influences need to be considered?
Tips for writing your objectives or policy
Examples of objectives
Woodlands Historic Park, Victoria
Laura Aboriginal sites, Queensland
Up-to-Date Store, Coolamon, New South Wales
Have a go - step 6

Step 7 What do you need to do?
What kinds of strategies and actions are needed?
A new use for an old building
Tips for developing your strategies
Examples of strategies linked to objectives
Brisbane City Council protecting native vegetation
Scott Creek Conservation Park, South Australia
Australian War Memorial, Canberra
Baloon Cave, Queensland
What are conservation processes?
What are some conservation processes?
Have a go - step 7

Step 8 What is your plan?
What's the difference between a conservation plan and a management plan?
What a management plan should include
Types of studies and reports to assist you plan
Who is responsible for what?
Ensuring monitoring is included
Factors that can be monitored
Monitoring the Button Wrinklewort in the ACT
Have a go -step 8

Step 9 Do it!

Step 10 Review it!

Heritage Place details form
Feedback form
How others have used these steps
Examples of how others have used these steps
Key heritage books and publications
Contact us
(If we just adopt similar policy there will be nothing else than success)

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