Thursday, June 21, 2007

An educational… COLLAGE by FORTHnet and Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Knossos

FORTHnet and Ellinogermaniki Agogi implemented an educational activity project (7 and 8 December 2006) in archaeological sites and museums in Heraklion, Crete, aimed at integrating advanced technological applications, within the framework of educational visits.
The educational activities were organized within the framework of the European COLLAGE project - Collaborative Learning Platform Using Game-like Enhancements – which is co-funded by the European Commission, as part of the eLearning action. For the purposes of the COLLAGE project, FORTHnet has developed an application that allows teachers to design learning/educational game-like enhancements, which make all educational visits and activities taking place outside the classroom more interesting. By following the scenario during educational visits and using portable devices (computers and 3rd generation mobiles), students experience a different learning approach, which resembles a game. Within the framework of the activities in question, the students and teachers in questions visited the Knossos archaeological site. During the visit, students used the application to collect material in accordance with the scenario developed by their teachers. Photographs, texts and videos from the visit will be entered into the application’s database and will be available for further use by the students themselves or by other students and teachers who were unable to participate in the activity. The project is being implemented simultaneously in Greece, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. It should be noted that although learning and teaching using wireless networks and mobile technology applications are still at an initial stage, they present unique opportunities for interconnecting schools with informal learning environments, such as museums and archaeological sites.

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(It could be applied in museums and schools in Corfu)

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