Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Old Fortress of Corfu

The Old Fortress of Corfu (Palio Frourio in Greek) is one of the most outstanding heritage sites in Corfu and one of the most impressive sites in Greece.

If you ever visit the island do not miss going there. Especially on the top, there is little church and an awesome place to see the town of Corfu from the top in 360 degrees. As you go down you can have a frappe or an elliniko coffee at the cafeteria below.

In the site there are museums, libraries, departments of the Ionian University, the famous Sailing Club and marine (POEATH in greek, the Church of St George and

But what you do not know are the following:

1) Here at this fortress, took place three major battles mainly against the Othoman Turks, which can only resemble to the Lord of the Rings type of battles!!!! and the enemies that succeeded in winning the defence of Konstantinoupolis did not have any success whatsoever there in the Palio Frourio. I guess that if any proper movie was produced with that story would be more successful than THE 300 OF LEONIDAS. (Although the movie produced by Nikos Mastorakis there, had a big accident and not a blockbuster success)

2) Underneath the fortress there are underground tunnels that are saying to connect with the Old City under the river (you see at the picture) and even with the island Vidos which is at the other side. But now most of those mines are destroyed because of the lack of conservation. But if you go dont go alone and bring always a light with you. (However you wont find anything there).

3) The European Council [Corfu Summit 1994], Corfu, 24-25 June 1994] had many meetings there too (under the inner bridge) but now that meeting room is not used and in bad condition.

4) There is a national programm in place now to start the conservation of the front side of the site. Let us all see it be completed on time and continue with the rest of the site soon.

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