Thursday, May 24, 2007

Travel to the entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List

This World Heritage Site exists since april 1997, the moment I decided to develop my own homepage. At first it was in Dutch - my native language - but soon I translated its contents in English. Why build a website about Worldheritages? Well, this site is certainly not meant as a UNESCO fanpage: I'm not really obsessed about the "institute" World Heritage List. But as I already mentioned in my introduction on the frontpage, the list is such a good travel guide! And because travelling is my passion this theme seemed to be a good choice for my personal website. Maintaining this website, further developing it, certainly stimulated my travels. Since about 7 years I try to include as many worldheritages in my travel plans as possible, and from my home town in Holland I also try to make frequent day- and weekendtrips around Europe.

(by Els Slots, The Netherlands from )

P.S. Other websites by me (in Dutch) are Boek-log, dedicated to the hundreds of (travel) books I've collected, and my Reissite, which includes stories and detailed reports of my longer trips around the world.

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